Come Discover how Surepay88 Payment Gateway Solution can work for you

surePAY88 is the trusted, fast, and easy online payment gateway solution in Malaysia. A one of a kind solution to solve tedious payment for your online business transactions. We offer one of the lowest transaction rates in Malaysia, compared to other leading online payment gateways in Malaysia.

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We improve the payment gateway consistently

Our team improves on our payment gateway solutuon consistently to help our customers improve their online sales through eCommerce and websites and made their customer experience getting better and better. We care for a smooth online shopping experience, hence we gather feedback from both online merchants and online buyers to improve on our online payment gateway system.

Our Payment Gateway System has Zero Redundancy

Our payment gateway solution is designed with secured encryption to ensure smooth and seamless online transactions in Malaysia. Fret not about hacks and redundant downtime, as we have invested proprietary software into our online payment gateway system. All our servers and network is build with redundancy so that we reduce our service interruption to nearly 0% per year.